Clean Luxury Beauty & My Organic Makeup Kit

I am a professional international makeup artist & holistic beauty writer.
I love what I do and do what I love.
I believe in happiness, love & in true beauty.
I believe that organic, clean products are the new luxury.
When I am not on set, cruising around to work with beautiful brides or am in the midst of a fun collaboration with fellow artist, bloggers or magazines I am sharing my pro makeup artist tips&tricks with you here on the internet.

I have loved holistic beauty for as long as I can remember:
Absolutely fascinated by all the beautiful creams and cosmetic bottles in my Mum’s beauty cabinet, I always spent a little too much time in the bathroom.
I was paying close attention anytime I heard something about beauty and at the age of five I read that avocado is very good for the skin…
I went straight for my Mum’s beauty cabinet, grabbing her favorite jar of moisturizer and mashed some fresh avocado out of the kitchen into her luxurious cream.
When I heard my Mum screaming my name that night, I suspected that something went wrong.
The avocado had of course gone all brown and oxidized and my mums moisturizer was ready for the bin. But when I explained what I did, she couldn’t really be too mad with me.
For my next birthday I got given a book on home made beauty products, and the results were way better than my first attempt.
A Naturopath with an organic lifestyle herself she was always encouraging me to stay away from the “superficial” beauty industry.
Little did she know that her lipstick loving little one, was on a mission to become a makeup artist. However I have followed my heart and added my holistic background and knowledge to my passion for beauty & luxury.

When I realised how many harmful ingredients are packed into conventional beauty products and luxury cosmetics (YES, even your high-end products are filled with cheap and nasty ingredients!)
I made it my mission to use and work with only truly beautiful and luxurious products made from clean, non toxic and valuable ingredients that result in a beautiful healthy skin & body.
I love life and a good laugh, I don’t believe in scare tactics and I believe beauty is meant to be fun and feel good.
After some time of research and trialing you can believe me, I handpicked only the best products from all over the world and always make sure they DO work.
As a professional in my field I do see it my responsibility to lead a healthy lifestyle and promote beauty products that won’t compromise your health.
I hope to show with my work that true beauty comes without side effects and that luxurious organic products deliver the ultimate professional result.
No matter if it’s on models skin for an editorial, on beautiful brides or your every day makeup, I hope you are inspired to make better choices.

If you are interested in learning more about clean luxury beauty and my journey of being a organic makeup artist :

Check out my blog: Liv Life Mag

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